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Making Change's capabilities

Almost all businesses think that they know their audiences. Ask to see the documentation of their audience segments and their needs and… cue the crickets.

Picture a bullfrog heard on a summer night in the woods. He’s loud, clear, and distinct from all the other sounds. That’s what you want to be to your audiences.

Making Change helps you:

  • Craft your story for all of the people who play a part – even ones who may never directly engage with you, but are crucial to your mission.
  • Research your audiences and develop a map of their world.
  • Find out what’s working and not working by taking an inventory and evaluating your existing content.
  • Identify and get rid of inconsistencies and duplications
  • Finding key components that are missing
  • Build in regular review and improvement by comparing what you expect your audience to do and what they actually do.

We get your story straight.