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Inventory and assess content

Impact of content inventory

Making Changes has a series of questions we ask clients:

  • When was the last time someone had to ask you for the most current information on a particular subject?
  • How long did it take you to find it?
  • Why did you even have to ask someone in the first place instead of being able to get it yourself?
  • How often does this happen?

It’s not like we haven’t had to work through this ourselves – we have. We feel your pain and have come out on the other side. (Having your beverages of choice close by helps. A lot.)

Here’s how we do it. We inventory:

  • All the content across the organization; its types and locations.
  • All the technologies and processes used to create and store that content.

We often find gold. Something used for one reason, but could be repurposed to fill multiple needs. Money saved by eliminating redundant systems and excess servers. We make Marie Kondo proud. (Link)

When clients see both the opportunities and impacts, it gives us great satisfaction – we’ve sparked joy.