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Advance a cause strategically

Influence audiences you don't actually reach

Foundations and nonprofits take on the largest problems of the world. World peace, ending hunger, advocating for causes. The stuff that makes a average person’s to do list look a little, shall we say, light. Advancement on complex issues is measured in years. It is hard to see how day-to-day efforts make a difference.

A huge audience isn’t always needed to advance a cause. Sometimes, you get the most impact connecting with a few, small groups. It’s tough to take time out to figure out a content and engagement strategy to reach the right people. Yet, sometimes slowing down helps you speed up. With each dollar measured against the mission, doesn’t that just make sense to take the time to do that?

Making Change helps you engage all the right audiences, advancing the mission in a cost effective way. We find ways to influence conversations that you aren’t even a part of – and that’s priceless. There is no speed limit on the road to progress.

See how Asian Americans Advancing Justice worked with us to reach their audiences.