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Research audiences and markets

How Making Change does audience research

With the audiences identified, we move to balance our intuition with some analytics. We test our hypothesis about the audiences, interactions and storylines with some hard research. It becomes the point where our clients understand that when their customers are asking for a blue flower, they know whether it’s an iris, a forget-me-not, or cornflowers.

Making Change determines audience size, preferences, and where needed, an overall market analysis. Because we start with what is already known by our clients about their own customers, we can get to useful, actionable information faster. Our process enhances that existing information – and sometimes challenges it.

For our clients, the script has started to look of a storyboard for a movie. They cannot only see what they couldn’t before, but the picture of their market, their audience and their customer becomes brighter, sharper and clearer.

Ax3 Studios used the audience research Making Change produced to expand their business.