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Create content that has impact

Once content strategy is done, then it’s time to create content.

Ah, the blank page. Orson Wells said ‘The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.’ Our clients sometimes have the opposite problem – too many. Deadlines, stretched staffs, and juggling many projects at once leaves little time to focus on content.

When Making Change works with clients to develop their content strategy, we also have a good sense of their unique voice. We know what their customers and employees need to hear. We know when, where and how they need to hear it.

Whether you want to us to create the content or build it into your existing workflows, Making Change can help you write, film, or tell your story. We can train your staff in content creation and narrative and integrate it into their existing workflow. Otherwise, we work with our partners to handle your blogging, social media presence, web video and event management.

We’ll get your story straight.