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Scale with audience definition & research

Cost of content without strategy

It’s a big world out there with lots of giants to slay. There is always the next guy with a bigger pile of rocks and a slingshot making tons of noise. Still, David nailed Goliath because David was precise and targeted.

Most companies think about their audiences like Goliaths. They spend $189.4 billion a year on content. Yes, Billions. With a ‘B’. And that isn’t everything, only content marketing and training. Just don’t ask about the return on that investment.

Making Change helps you research and target your audience, finding how to engage them in the way that works for them. We help you build renewable, reusable content and determine where and when to apply it. And you get to stop doing the things you don’t need to do.

Don’t spray the same stuff at all audiences without regard to their needs.

You don’t need a big rock – just the right one aimed at the right spot.

See how Ax3 Studios started to scale by defining and researching their audience