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Define Audiences & Develop an Engagement Matrix

How Making Change defines audiences and develops an engagement matrix

When clients work with Making Change, they can feel like Indiana Jones. They are on the trail of their customers – and almost always discover a missing treasure. Sometimes, it’s the impact that a key interaction has on their customers. Sometimes it’s finding an audience that they didn’t know was there.

Looking back, it may seem obvious, but they were just too close to their own businesses to see it. That awareness alone can make a huge difference.

Making Change defines each audience segment with our clients, using both analytic and intuitive methods. We create a fictional character to stand in for each audience. Then we go through each interaction your firm has with each character. We then find the story lines that will be most useful to each audience. It’s an old radio trick. Yes, you may be speaking to hundreds, thousands, or millions. But speak as if it’s to one person, and you’ll connect with them all.

We put your customers at the center of the story, and give you a chance to see things through their eyes. After all, it’s not just the customer’s journey – it’s a hero’s journey.

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