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Ax3 Studios

Ax3 benefit from audience research work

Ax3 Studios is a startup in the event management industry. Everyone at Ax3 Studios works hard. If we are going to take this amount of time away from our families, we have to do well and do some good in the world. We have a big vision and wanted concrete steps to grow profitably, creatively and break through.

We knew that we wanted to go into the advocacy sector, but didn’t fully understand it. Making Change researched the sector thoroughly, showing us how things looked through our audiences’ eyes. They were patient and collaborative, answering questions we didn’t even know to ask.

We found people that we needed to be talking to that we didn’t even realize had to be included in our conversations. We started cultivating those relationships immediately. Ax3 restructured its social media presence and it made a difference in lead generation. We’ve already started to expand into areas we didn’t even know were there.

It’s a relief and super inspiring to have such a helpful partner in growing the business.

Aryn Chapman, Founder | Ax3 Studios.