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Pull it together with content assessment and inventory

Developing an internal content strategy

Ever feel like your company is functioning like a tornado has gone through it and you’re Dorothy? You’ve got to trek an entire yellow brick road to get information. You can’t serve your customers as well as you could. You and your teams can’t get need information when and where you need it.

Nobody did anything wrong – it’s more like they did things too well. Startups grow faster than their processes can keep up. Established firms put off cleaning up legacy content systems. The Wizard just can’t spin the wheels any faster.

Making Change can identify internal audiences and the content that they need. We do a content inventory and assessment to find what content is produced, how it’s used, and where it is stored. We then engineer the process to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Yes, you could end up clicking your heels and saying, ‘there’s no place like the office.’