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Develop and Document the Content and engagement strategy

documented content strategy

Research shows that effectiveness goes up when a company has a documented content strategy, a clear editorial mission, and a picture of success across the organization.

Yet, less than a third of B2B businesses have that. So, what to they do? More of the same. 76% create more content than the year before, over an average of 15 different channels.

Umm… isn’t the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? And… what does this say about the average company?

Our clients are smart, not insane. Our clients decide to do things better. We make the impact of insanity clear, so that they can pull together, make the needed changes, and improve their performance.

Making Change helps you define clear metrics and bake feedback into your processes. You see where you stand against your goals. You can have analytics to so that you can learn, grow and improve.

We help clients stop the madness. After all, who aspires to be average?

See how Asian Americans Advancing Justice moved ahead with a documented engagement strategy