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Movies and TV that lead to change

I’ve been in a Social Media Technologies virtual conference during this lovely time of global pandemic. Movies that spurred change – political, cultural, or moving advocacy forward came up. I had recently started a list of ‘game changing’ movies for myself. The following list is random, and I’ll be updating […]

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Mix food porn with story. Support culture change.

  This is my sourdough bread. Hopefully, it’s does what all good food porn is supposed to do – grab your attention and get you connected. But this is here for a bigger reason and a more important story. I was passing through the Union Square Farmers Market today and […]

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Luck, Zuck and a Buck. Why Facebook Can Do Things Other Publicly Traded Companies Can’t

This post on Medium got me thinking. Here’s why we are lucky to have Mark Zuckerberg as the majority shareholder in Facebook.  The Good Lord knows that I’m no fan of Facebook, and when it comes to large companies, I don’t trust the ones that are widely publicly traded. Why? Because […]

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Shoemaker’s Child

The old saw about the shoemaker’s child having no shoes usually applies to entrepreneurs, and I’m no exception. It’s taken me a few years to slow down long enough to update the content on the company website. The great news is that with all the planning I had done, the […]

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