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Old About Us

Stemming from diverse backgrounds, our people believe that real innovation and insight come from blending things that don’t quite appear to go together. We believe that poets benefit from understanding physics and that they can learn it. We believe that artists don’t have to be starving. We believe that engineering can be elevated to art and every artist must master craftsmanship first.

Our ability to blend the analytic and the intuitive mindsets allows us to bridge different disciplines – operations, finance, project management, marketing and technology. This powerful blend of thinking and learning styles is what allows us to produce new content, programs, technologies and strategies that have maximum impact. We use both sides of our brains and it is the key to our history of successful implementations for the last 15+ years.

We take great pride in helping meet our clients’ needs. The teams that we build are carefully constructed around the specific goals of the organization for which we are consulting and we will work closely with your internal teams to bring about successful implementation. We believe in operating with a high standard of ethics and refuse to compromise on the characteristics we stand behind.

And this is who we aren’t. Here’s how our founder got us started.