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What we’ve done for clients

We are committed to profitably achieving creative and technical excellence – for our clients and within our own firm. With our help, our clients have achieved results beyond expectations, including:

  • Winning awards for best overall use of video for their websites within one year of shooting their first video while recapturing 83% of operating expenses in the first year
  • Tapping a vast library of content while keeping a technological advantage at a cost-effective price.
  • Shifting from a B2B approach to go directly to consumers, and having a business oriented book be optioned for a TV pilot.
  • Transforming the technology of the 5th largest bank in Australia to allow them to remain independent for 8 years longer than anticipated.
  • Closing on the funding needed to launch an app internationally.
  • Developing an actionable strategic plan to grow an influential membership organization in the media industry without sacrificing retention.